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VBAC – Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

This is not medical advice – consult your care provider. If you have a care provider that is not supportive of VBAC’s find one that is!

Are VBAC’s safe? What about the risk of Uterine Rupture? You need to do your own research on this topic. (great links below) Don’t just take your OB’s word for it, they are motivated by insurance companies and hospital policies. I think it is horrible that in some areas it is nearly impossible to find a careprovider who will support VBAC’s. Even if you are to have Treatment of Uterine Fibroids that could make it harder to give birth naturally, you could still find it hard to find VBAC support.

This is often due to insurance companies, hospital policies and misinformation. (Click here for a story of an OB who was pressured by her hospital to up her cesarean rate) I did my research and found that elective repeat cesareans have risks of their own. For me, I wanted the experience of having a Vaginal birth and decided that was the best choice for ME.

You have the right to make the best decision for YOU and your baby. If you choose to have a cesarean, here are some resources to help you create a positive cesarean experience.

I have had 2 great VBAC’s. I think there were quite a few things that contributed to my success.

  • Hypnosis: I feel that hypnosis really helped me to get over my fears from my first birth and to develop a positive I can-do it attitude. I felt very confident that I would be successful birthing my baby, I was able to recover a trust that my body could carry a baby full-term and have a vaginal birth. I love the Hypnobabies program because it has a fear release CD you can listen to as many times as you need. I also have resources for different hypnosis CDs for healing and dealing with your cesarean and extra VBAC support.
  • Supportive Care Providers. My OB was supportive and the hospital staff was supportive. This helped a lot, because I didn’t have to fight for my rights, they were fighting for me, on MY side. It is worth the hard work to find a supportive care provider. Your best option may be a midwife.
  • Doula Support: I think this can be invaluable. I didn’t have one for my first VBAC but did for my 2nd one. Great and wonderful to have an extra person to give you support. I know my first VBAC would have gone more smoothly had I used a doula.
  • Husband Support: I think this is really important too. My husband believed I could do it. His belief helped me.


Read some great inspirational positive VBAC birth stories here. These will encourage you and believe you can do it too!

Links for VBAC information

  • ICAN is a great resource for information about VBAC’s and support.


  • I like this website for their straight forward information about VBAC’s and their risks.


  • also check out


  • Great information about C-sections


  • Wonderful video of a moms journey to a VBAC after 3 cesareans (you can read her story here)
  • Another VBAC moms site with GREAT information, including “Don’t Freak, Know the Facts” and “Questions to Ask to find a TRULY Supportive OB/Midwife”

What about uterine rupture???

“Let’s put this all in perspective stats from Williams Obstetrics and Varney’s

The concept of uterine rupture is scary. It certainly is a risk to be considered when thinking about a VBAC. However it is important to note that nothing is with out risk.

Lets say the risk of uterine rupture is 0.19-0.8% with a low transverse incision.

  • The risk of miscarriage after amniocentesis is 0.5 to 1% (a procedure offered routinely to many women)
  • The risk of a cesarean delivery following induction is 5.9 to 11.9%
  • The risk of hysterectomy after an elective cesarean is 0.2%
  • The risk of long term affects from an epidural are:
    • Backache 19%
    • Frequent headaches 4.6%
    • Migraines 1.9%
  • The risk of fever with an epidural is 15%
  • The risk of developing gestational diabetes is 7%
  • The risk of a hypertensive disorder (high blood pressure and related issues) in pregnancy is 5-10%
  • The risk for preterm birth is 12%

The point of this is not to be doom and gloom. The point is that uterine rupture needs to be put into perspective, that the risk is not an outlandishly high number, when in fact, the risk is very low when proper screening and proper precautions are taken. “


  • Think hospitals have something to do with the crazy rise of C-section rates? You are right… here is an article about an OB who left a hospital because she was being pressured to increase her c-section rates.


Special Hypnosis CD’s for VBAC moms and Cesarean Recovery


Hypnobabies now has a VBAC Success CD in addition to their wonderful Home Study or Live Class!

VBAC Success CD

This wonderful two-track CD was created for all of our moms that understand that their body knows just how to birth a baby. It is dedicated to the amazing women who are determined to give birth vaginally after a previous Cesarean, in comfort, joy and love!

Track # 1: My VBAC Success – In deep hypnosis, you are given many powerful suggestions for vaginal birth preparation, optimal positioning of your baby, strengthening of your uterus, avoiding negativity, and complete VBAC confidence. Taking you farther than you ever imagined with positive re-framing of any fears or concerns, you are allowed to enjoy a daily dose of support and very effective inner training for VBAC success.

Track # 2: VBAC Birth Visualization – In this deeply relaxing visualization, you *create* your own positive and very successful VBAC birthing, just as you desire it to be. From the start of your birthing throughout the dilation phase and *moving past any challenges from your last birthing*, as well as easily birthing your baby into your own arms, your mental VBAC birthing rehearsal instills a blueprint for success that allows you to fully enjoy your pregnancy with this baby to the fullest. Knowing that your VBAC birth is possible, your inner mind will then create behavior and circumstances that reflect your positive VBAC Birth Visualization’s perfect plan! Enjoy.

An MP3 of the Hypnobabies VBAC tracks are now available for immediate download! Click here to visit the Hypnobabies MP3 page.

Cesarean Recovery

CD for Cesarean – my last mom had an unplanned Cesarean and I created a CD called “Postpartum Cesarean Healing and Celebration!” If any of you have need for this with any of your students or doula clients, feel free to contact me. It focuses on acceptance of the course of birth, validation of her choices, physical healing, affirmations to move her into motherhood and breastfeeding – “Smile to yourself and congratulate yourself on doing absolutely everything needed to give birth to your beautiful, precious baby. Giving birth to your baby by Cesarean allowed your baby to come into the world in the safest possible way. You made this choice because you are a good mother. You are a good mother.”

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Janet is also able make your own personal Hypnosis CD dealing with your specific issues.