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  1. Andreza says:

    I bought this cousre because I really wanted an unmedicated labor and I needed reassurance and confidence that I could get through it since it was my first child. This cousre really helped me to feel confident enough to get through the whole thing without any fear whatsoever, but I had no interest in using the Hypnobabies techniques during my labor because it was much easier for me to relax when I didn’t listen to anything or anyone. For confidence, Hypnobabies is great. However, I don’t want women to think that the only way they can get the labor they want is with Hypnobabies. In reality, I didn’t need to buy this kit in order to avoid an epidural. I don’t think it really made my drug-free labor possible, but it may have helped. I followed the cousre faithfully and practiced regularly, but my labor was not pain-free. Hypnobabies never attempts to tell you that back labor with a posterior baby is pain-free. Instead, it tells you techniques to get the baby turned around. Unfortunately, none of those techniques got my baby turned, even with a doula helping. I don’t blame Hypnobabies for this. My baby was just too low to be turned. I can honestly say I felt no pain at all in my belly for the entire 8 hours of my labor, but I felt such strong pressure on my back that the only thing that helped was counterpressure. Luckily I had a good husband and doula to push on my back and knees for 5 hours straight. My biggest complaint about Hypnobabies is the way the handbook is written. It’s extremely unprofessional and I had a hard time taking it seriously. Everything is underlined, asterisked, capitalized, bolded, and exclamation-marked. I almost wished I could write them a letter asking if I could rewrite it for them. It also had a lot of filler that you can find in just about any book on labor. After I had my baby, I took the important parts and wrote it up for future reference, which ended up being about 2 pages long. So, buy this if you need confidence and reassurance, but don’t expect a professionally made cousre on hypnosis. Also, don’t worry about the price because Hypnobabies will buy the cousre back from you for $75-$85, even if you buy it through Amazon. UPDATE: Hypnobabies no longer buys it back, but the resale value is still high through other sources.

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