Epidural or Hypnobabies or Both?

This is a great comparison of getting an Epidural vs Hypnobabies.

As a Mom who had 2 epidurals and 2 Hypnobabies, here’s why I am such  a strong advocate for Hypnobabies:

I can use hypnosis from the very moment my birthing time starts. I do not have to load up the car, drive across down ready to jump out of my skin, wait until a nurse is convinced I’m progressing, convinces a doctor of such, wait for orders to be recorded, wait for the anesthesiologist, and wait for it to take effect, wait for it to be given again, or worse, wait for it to wear off so I can push
effectively. I decide, nobody else decides for me, and I have at my
hand the tools for far better relief than I ever got from an epidural.

Hypnosis does not involve someone who may be very tired poking a
sharp instrument into a part of my body that likely wasn’t designed
to be treated that way.

Hypnosis doesn’t hurt. There is no local anesthesia needed to use
hypnosis, and it doesn’t involve a big long needle or a wire to be
threaded into a tiny space in my spine.

Hypnosis doesn’t require me to get into odd positions at the least
pleasant time.

I can’t get a “hypnosis headache”

I can actually feel what’s going on, and so while I don’t have pain, I feel… restless, or like I need to turn, or like perhaps being on my hands and knees would be good, or water would be good, or any other number of things that help ensure baby is in the best possible position, thus shortening my birthing time immeasurably.

Because I do not have an epidural I am much more likely to have the
freedom to walk a lot during my birthing time, or lie in positions
that work for my body and baby, not for picking up the signal of the toco or doppler.

As paradoxical as it may sound, natural childbirth really does leave you more energized. I always scoffed at that, wondering how women who admitted they were in “pain” could have more energy than me who was drugged (I did have some small measure of pain relief). I had my first Hypnobaby and I knew: it just is. Not being drugged is a big deal in bouncing back from birth. It made birthing my son a
relatively minor physical event compared to the other two before, I
had energy, and strength, and was ready to take on the role of a
larger family, much more so than when I had epidurals.

Basically I make most such decisions in my life based on a kind of
risk/benefit ratio. In my particular case, that would weigh heavily
in Hypnobabies favor because I know it to be very low risk and very
successful, whereas the success to risk ratio for me for an epidural is not quite so encouraging.

However epidurals do seem to work for the vast majority of women, so then it comes down to a woman doing her research and determining
what’s important to her.

Just personal opinion here: If you commit to Hypnobabies, if you
practice Hypnobabies, if you are willing to do what it takes,
Hypnobabies will work so wonderfully you’ll have no doubts. All it
takes is that you know you want it and will do what it takes to get it.


I would just like to add… if you use Hypnosis you could still choose to have an epidural if you want… most mom’s find they don’t need or want one, but it is always an option (at a hospital).  So what do you have to loose by using Hypnosis?