Calmer Baby?

Does doing Hypnobabies help you to have Calmer Babies?

Here are answers from real life Hypnobabies Moms

My baby is so CALM and HAPPY. I know some of it just happens to be personality,
but she is the calmest best baby. All my friends and family say they have never
seen a baby so good and calm. She *literally* never cries. My older daughter
was a very demanding baby and I never knew a baby could be this easy!
My mom has been swearing that it was because of my calm pregnancy and birth. I did have a much calmer pregnancy, probably because I knew what I needed to do, from what I wanted my birth to be like, how and where to get new baby products. A friend of mine even suggested that I check out some reviews at, so I knew exactly what I wanted. However, my mom, she really thinks my baby is like this because of the Hypnobabies!!

When I did hypnobirth with my dd, one of the things the book talked
about was its effect on the baby and how calm and happy hypno babies
tend to be. Even though I ended up with a c/s, dd was always very
easy-going and happy (at least for the first few months!) and everyone
commented on it as well. She gave the pediatrician a full-on smile
less than 48 hours after birth, which really surprised the her–I told
her about hypnobirth and how they claim that kind of thing is quite
normal in hypno babies. So anyway, I think that, yes, it definitely
affects them! 🙂

Very calm relaxed, laid back baby here. Rarely cries unless hungry or needing to get my attention such as now. She just woke up and I’m not in there. gotta run.

I think your mom is right! I have three children and the last one was a hypnobabies birth. Although it wasn’t pain free (probably due to the fact that I had her in the hospital and it was so quick), the last 1/2 hour was pretty unbearable, but I can do anything for 30 minutes! It was completely au natural, done from start to finish in 4 hours and was my 2nd VBAC (but first w/o pain meds and also first hypnobaby). My daughter is EXTREMELY calm, patient, rarely cries (unless sick, hungry or tired) and pretty much just watches everything around her. She is by far the most tolerant, even tempered baby I have ever had and the most quiet! If not for hynobabies training, I might have had to look for online resources such as this article to learn how to calm her.

It’s true for me. I’ve often wondered if it’s the hypnobabies or if we
just got lucky this time, too. My first baby was extra colicky, and I
had a lot of anxiety during that pregnancy and his birth was very
stressful and difficult. The second time hypnobabies really helped keep me relaxed and
anxiety-free during pregnancy, and I had an easy, drug-free waterbirth
with him. He is almost six months old now and has always been a happy,
calm, “easy” baby. I didn’t know babies could be like this either–O
was really expecting the first 6 mos to be as difficult as they were
with my first. This baby has been pure fun. Makes me want another! 🙂

Super calm and happy baby here too! He is even over 2 years old and still the easiest little boy to have. I do attribute it to Hypnobabies, as I was so calm during the pregnancy, I think it transferred to him!

My daughter was one of the mellowest newborns I’ve ever seen. Slept though the night her first night, and pretty much every night after that. She’s occasionally get up to nurse, and then go right back to sleep, but never woke more than once at night. We didn’t even hear her cry her first 4 months! I had to put the baby monitor IN her crib, because otherwise we wouldn’t know she was awake! She found her voice around 4-5 months, and then got somewhat crabby and had some separation issues and sleep issues from 5-9 months. Interestingly enough, her brother (a hypnobirthing baby) was very similar. Very calm and easy those first few months. Although all of my babies have been “easy” babies, so I don’t know if I can attribute it all to HB or not.

We did have 2 moms say, maybe not… so no guarantees!

I’m not sure if this is true or not. My first daughter was very
mellow, no colic, and slept through the night by 7 weeks and I had a
typical hospital birth with her (induction, pitocin, epidural). My
second daughter was a home hypnobabies birth and she has had colic,
reflux, and she still eats every 3 hours (even at night) and she is 3
months old! I mean, she definitely has a laid back personality and she does sleep
a lot more than her older sister ever did, so maybe if it wasn’t for
the reflux/colic issues then this would be the case?

My 3 year old DD was born using hypnosis. I had a great, calm birth experience but she was an awful baby! Cried all the time. She wasn’t any fun at all until about 6 months old! 😉 It just depends on the kid, I guess.

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  1. Jacobi Lynn Reply

    I think practicing hypnosis during pregnancy and using it during childbirth does have an effect on the baby. I experienced no pain; just pressure and very calm giving birth. Our DD is now 8 1/2 months old and ever since birth people say they have never seen such a calm baby. She is so patient with us and hardly ever cries. We are so blessed.

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