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I have been using doTERRA Essential Oils for the last 4 years. I use them for myself and my family and have shared them with so many other people from my friends, to doula clients to strangers I meet at the store. Everyone who has tried them has loved them!

Essential oils can help moms throughout their pregnancy.  During their birth.  As they mother, both for herself and her baby and children.

I love doTERRA because their oils are so pure and also they are sourced from the best locations to each oil.  Here is a great short video showing how many ways you can use doTERRA.

Modern Medicine?

I combine essential oils with modern medicine.  For instance when Devon broke his arm and jaw in a mountain biking accident.  He went to the hospital and had surgery.  I used oils in the hospital as he was healing.  I put Oregano and On Guard on the bottom of his feet to help support his immune system.  I continued to do this as he healed.  After the stitches were out, I put oils that support healthy skin to help lessen the scarring.  He wasn’t very helpful with that, because he actually thought his scars were cool.  But whenever he let me I would put some oil on it.

I use essentials oils on a regular basis to support my families health.  From our immune system, to our digestive system and for my Rob, I make sure we use oils to help his respiratory system.  I also have found that oils are very helpful in  emotional healing and release as well.   Both with my family and my clients I use oils for this.


Why doTERRA?

doTERRA sets the standard for the highest, purest essential oil on the market!

  • They test each and every batch of oils….not just once, but 7 different ways!
  • They follow strict and sustainable growing and harvesting processes.
  • They source their oils in their prime environment.
  • The oils are a step above organic, they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade with no fillers, artificial ingredients, synthetic chemical substitutes or contaminants of any kind.

Free Sample – for those New to Essential Oils

If you haven’t tried essential oils and are interested in getting a free sample.  I am happy to send you a sample of a handpicked oil for you.

Fill out the form on this page (link will take you to my non-baby site) and we can determine the best sample for you.  If you promise to use it then I will send it out to you.  No strings attached!

The Best Way to for you to Get Started with Oils? A Wholesale Membership!

A wholesale membership, even if you are brand-new to the idea of essential oils is the best way to try things. As a wholesale member (aka Wellness Advocate), you’ll enjoy:

  • Wholesale pricing (savings 25% on everything you buy)
  • A special enrollment kit helps you get started
  • No minimums, quotas, or obligations
  • Personal support from me and my team too!
  • You can take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program, this program can help you earn product points.  I have earned HUNDREDS of dollars worth of free products.
  • Zero obligation to purchase or sell.

How to Purchase Oils

You can buy from my online store but you will pay retail prices. The best way to purchase the essential oils from doTERRA is to purchase a wholesale membership so that you can get wholesale prices (step-by-step instructions below). When you start with a Starter Kit, then the annual enrollment fee is even waived! You will be able to get wholesale prices (25%) on all your oils!

Need help? Email me: sheridan@enjoybirth.com and I can jump on the phone and answer any questions you have!

STEP BY STEP to sign up for Wholesale Prices:

1. Click to the sign-up page and enter your country.

2. Select  your country, then select “Wholesale Prices

3. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes will be filled in for you. But if not, enter 101580 in both boxes and the name should come up as “Sheridan Ripley”

4. Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info(Entering your social security number is optional and for tax purposes. If you make over $400/year selling doTERRA products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail, as is required by law. doTERRA will never share this info with anyone.)

5. Select your time zone and choose a virtual office password.

6. Agree to Terms & Conditions and the Virtual Office User Agreement. (The basic version of the virtual office is free.)

7. Select your enrollment order. This is where you specify which enrollment kit you would like, pick the one which best fits your needs.  Remember with the kit the $35 enrollment fee is waived -OR- if you’d rather not start with a kit, simply select the Introductory Packet ($35) option and add in the oils you would like below in the “cart” section by typing in the name of the oil.

You can also purchase other items at this time if you wish.

8. Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).  This is *optional*, but YOU should know about this program because it can save you a LOT of money.  It is kind of like a “frequent flyer” program, and it called Loyalty Rewards because they reward you for being loyal.  See these purple boxes below…..

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 4.25.28 PM

For months 1-3 you earn 10% in rewards.  So for every $100 you spend you get $10 in product credits you can trade in for FREE products.  So as a wholesale member you are getting 25% off of retail. This is an ADDITIONAL 10% off on top of that.  Every 3 months your rewards go up and up.  After a year you are at 30% rewards.

I’ve been using doTERRA essential oils for over 4 years now, so for every 100 dollars I buy, I am getting 30% back in FREE product credits that I can redeem at any time I want! I have gotten hundreds of dollars worth of products over the year.  (Not including the free oil I can earn with monthly promotions!)  (More info on the LRP program can be found here.)

10. That’s it- you are on the way to Enjoying Life more with doTERRA! Almost immediately you should get a confirmation email– and you can log into your back office right away to manage orders, check your team, and send messages. You are now a doTERRA Wholesale Member! Thanks for joining my team, I will send you an e-mail within a day or so!

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