Essential Oils

Enjoy Pregnancy, Birth AND Motherhood!oil-block

I have been using doTERRA Essential Oils for the last 10 years. I use them for myself and my family and have shared them with so many other people from my friends, to doula clients to strangers I meet at the store. Everyone who has tried them has loved them!

Essential oils can help moms throughout their pregnancy. During their birth. As they mother, both for herself and her baby and children. Some essential oils can actually offer some amazing benefits that pregnant mothers may find really useful. For example, some of the oils can help expecting mothers to experience soothing and relaxing moods, helping them to unwind. This is important as excessive stress can be harmful for a baby. This is why it’s crucial that pregnant women do take time for themselves to de-stress. Of course, there are a number of other essential oils that are available too, so make sure to find the one that would benefit your mood. These oils can normally be placed into a diffuser, allowing the lovely scents to travel around your home. This should help you to feel more refreshed.

Personally, I love doTERRA because their oils are so pure and also they are sourced from the best locations to each oil.  Here is a great short video showing how many ways you can use doTERRA.

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